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You wanted Gravity, well that is what we are giving you. Mount Borah has arguably the largest elevation drop of any trails in the Northern NSW area. Our longest track, Snake Bite, is 3.5km long with an elevation drop of of 450m.

​12 years ago a small group of gravity enthusiasts found that their passion for adventure was deemed by others as being reclass and unfulfilling. This led them to Godfrey Wenness, like minded adventurer with a mount that had vehicle access and a massive elevation drop. Mount Borah a paragliding mecca would be the back drop for one of the longest and gnarliest tracks around. Slaying this beast would be the hardest thing to do in under 5 and a half minutes. Chris Kovarik has that notch on his belt with a 5 minute 14 second run the the original "Snake Bite" trail.

Over the passing years the Mount Borah trails have increased and evolved with the changing riding styles and mountain bikes that are now  available. Having gone from just an epic downhill track to serval Enduro World Series inspired enduro trails The Mountain is becoming a riding park which is now introducing new flow trails that most riders can ride. The ethos of this trail network is, that is at Borah is primarily a gravity inspired network and there is not too much pedalling required once on a trail... But climbing Borah is another story. But hey that is what shuttles are for.

Unlike other trail systems around the country, Mount Borah is and will always be inspired by the love of gravity and the excitement that this riding brings. The trails are graded with that in mind. The best way to enjoy the park is to participate in one of the many shuttle days that are organised by the local club. 

If you are looking for a weekend away then the cabins and camping at the Borah Homestead are a must. There are also kitchens, a pool and bar facilities. 


The local mountain biking fraternity proudly recognise the efforts of all trail builders and maintainers, past and present. Most of these original trail builders who cut those very first trails all those years ago, are still building and maintaining trails today!

Mountain Boarh trails are self fund by the club and grants obtained. It would be greatly appreciate if you want to help or ride there, please throw some Trail Karma, through Trail Forks our way  (

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