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Random Club Videos.

Random ride videos. If any riders want to have pictures or videos added please contact the site administrator.

Mount Borah Flow Trail "Yet to be Named"

This is a vid of the new trail at Mount Borah (Australia). The first 500m have just been pushed in by Angry Goat Trail. This now joins the steepest part with the easier lower section. Not so hard even a 7yr old can ride the new top section..... Just use your brakes, wtch your speed and get over the back of the bike. Have fun May 2021.

"Mount Borah "Snake Bite"

Don Pollard, 3.5km run top to bottom. Chest cam (Sony HDR-AS15). Filmed 8th Jan 2014

"Mount Borah "Snake Bite"

Lachlan S chasing Don P. Chest cam backward (Sony HDR-AS15). Filmed 8th Jan 2014.

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