New Club up and running.

Guys I am happy to inform you that the club is finally up and running. I know it has taken some time but we are here now. At the moment we are predominately Down hill orientated as this is were all of our efforts have gone with track building. However numerous current members have riden Cross Country in the past and still enjoy it every now and then. Anyway if you are a club member (MTBA member) than you can ride Cross Country tracks at the Tamworth Mountain Bike park any time you like. We need more Cross Country members as we have numerous acres avaliable to us (Thanks Godfrey) at Mount Borah, Manilla. There is a great oppurtunity for some great Cross Country and Enduro tracks.

"Snake Bite" 

The current club track is called "Snake Bite" it is currently 3.2km in length and will be 3.5km when it is finished.


There is a shuttle raod that takes you from the finsih to the trail head.


Please understand that mountain biking is a dangerous sport where you can sustain major injury or be killed. You should always ride within your limits. You MUST only ride the track if you have all of the correct protective equipment and a servicable bike.


As the track is on private property you must go to the Paragliding club house and sign a waiver before you ride. MTBA club memebership or a Day licence is a must.

Lithgow States

A group of club members went down to Lithgow for the state championships. One rider (Pat Burrows) had a pretty good showing with the other (Andy Dehm) crashing out on his race run.

Ride Days

At this point in time we are riding most weekends. It all just depends on when the majority can get there.


I will post on the clubs FaceBook page when we are riding. So it is best to check there or just private message me via FaceBook.


If any one is looking at staying at Borah overnight then there a cabins avaliable at the Paragliding school. Just check out the site

Fly Manila

If you don't like the thought of throwing yourself down a mountain on a bike. Then Paragliding and flying above us might be your thing.


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