BORAH BANZAI @ Mount Borah - 22/23 July 2017.

Well, the Borah Banzai is coming around quicker than you can imaging. And it will be an exciting one. Mount Borah will host the race with 3 separate stages that will be ridden multiple times during a 5hr racing window. All 3 stages will be predominantly downhill orientated and will range in lengths from 2km to 3km.


Over the two day period there will be a full day of practice runs, no chainer race, whip war and 3 stage - 5hr multi run race. The best single time from each stage run will count towards a total race time. Lowest overall race time wins. You must run each stage at least once to qualify for a race result.


Practice day will have shuttles available - These will be self pay at $7.00 per up lift. NO SHUTTLING will be allowed on race day..... This is Enduro Folks! 

Heat will most probable not be an issue at this time of year but it is highly recommended that you carry water and food. First aid kits must also be carried by all riders.


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